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Any Difference: Online vs walk-in Customers? Why some customers would never buy from you



Your eyes are drawn to the latest shoes those google ads keep popping by the side as you check your email.

Next thing, you click on it before you could change your mind, select shoe size and put it in the cart and checkout. Bingo. It’s a perfect match for the party this weekend.

Day one, Day two and by the third day, it would be the weekend and your shoes are yet to arrive. You call their office to complain and it is the same story since the last time you called. “We’ve sent your parcel out since the day you ordered, we will track it to know where it is”

Almost three days and you are still tracking?, the nonchalant attitude of the staff crawls under your skin more than the thought on not finding the shoe.

Ah in fact you feel disgusted when you even think about those shoes.

This is one of the few encounters you’ll know at least one person who has had a terrible experience shopping online.

Hold that thought, I am not dissing e-commerce businesses, but you will see a similar thread

A second scenario happens in a typical walk-in boutique to buy such shoes. You request for the size of what you saw in the display shelf. The woman takes her time to respond, sizes you up for a minute before calling out the retail staff to attend to you.

From her gait and body posture, you can tell that she’s the boss who owns the store.

Notice, similar traits in both stories. The customer is treated as beggar.

The question lies herein, Why would a customer be treated in such manner?

Irrespective of the goods or service sold, a business thrives on cash flow and cash flow is sustained by the frequent closing of a sale from a cash paying customer ( In this context it could be via any payment channel but translates to monies received in the business)

The secret to this is clear; A customer is a customer whether online or offline and should be communicated that they have a special place in the heart of the business through their patronage.

The importance of communication in managing the relationship with a customer in a buying decision and after the sale is closed will determine if the customer returns to make a recurrent purchase.


Some businesses have mastered the art of perception online, even preparation and the ambiance leaves many envious but the experience doesn’t match with all the promises made. While some don’t even make the effort to make the customer feel welcome.

The solution is this. Let your communication match your brand promise

Communication helps to bridge the gap in the value chain of sales and your credibility of previous marketing strategies executed by your business.

You’ve put in so much work to build the business, don’t spoil it with a terrible customer experience.

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