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How One Email Brought $25,000…YES DOLLARS

No, it is not a wrong headline, neither is it a fluke.

It shows you the power of communication and I can show you how. But first, let me tell you how it happened.

My client was battling with some old stock in their warehouse and the fluctuation of foreign exchange rates made it worse.

At the time, most businesses just wanted to at least sell off products they had in hopes that the quick turnaround of their monies would allow them quickly buy more goods before the price of raw materials changed drastically.

My client, had a major customer who was supplied products every fortnight  but in the last few weeks refused to buy at the new price since the inflation was rising faster than when people got out of bed.

At some point, their customer had become borderline rude and still insisted on the old price. Then, I walked in on the conversation with this problem staring them in the face.”What’s the problem?” “They are refusing to place an order based on the new price and even want further discount when we are already selling at a marginal loss”

I tell them to back off for a day with the customer.  “He wants products, you want money. That is what we will communicate”.  Senior level managers, no more persuasion. I then advised that one of the customer service staff to send an official email instead and remind that customer about the upcoming price increase and attach a new price list for orders after an agreed date.

Two days later, the order is placed for the products and the necessary funds are transferred.

Once you know your audience and their trigger words, you would be careful to instill value and not fear.

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