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You can Switch Up Boring Meetings

The truth is we cannot run away from meetings but it can be made more bearable than usual.

Move from your usual Meeting Spot

Except you work at Google or any of the silicon valley tech organization where you have slides, colourful gym balls and nice work stations, you are probably stuck in a crammed up cubicle. Look for a new area within your office complex to have your next meeting.  Enjoying the view from a different environment even within the confines of your office complex can help with declutter your mind before the meeting begins.

Communicate meeting plan Beforehand

With so many calendar apps that can integrate into your work mail, you can inform your colleagues on what will be discussed. It doesn’t have to be lengthy. Simply outline briefly the topics to be covered.

Set the Tone of the Meeting

Once everyone gets seated, you ‘ll immediately know their attitude towards the meeting by their body language and other forms of non-verbal communication. The onus lies on you to change that mood by setting the tone of that meeting even if serious stuff will be discussed there.  If you see the participant look worn out or tired, acknowledge their body knowledge and be quick to inform them that the meeting would last for at most —–insert time.

As a great tip, let them know that you would finish faster, once everyone is fully participating in the business of that meeting i.e Feedback, conversation, objections, way forward e.t.c.

Let me know how these tips have shaped your meetings.


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